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Arduino2Lego is a project developed at the Politecnico of Milan by a Computer Science Engineering student. It aims to make all Lego NXT peripherals (motors, sensors,...) easily usable from Arduino.



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SWFTools - Utilities to work with Adobe Flash files

SWFTools is a collection of utilities for working with Adobe Flash files (SWF files). The tool collection includes programs for reading SWF files, combining them, and creating them from other content (like images, sound files, videos or sourcecode).

Frameworkitin - Framework PHP ITIN

Framework PHP ITIN réalisé par la classe de BTS A2 de l'itin.

Omnima-stm32l-expander - Add-on board for MiniEMBWiFi to provide GPIOs, control Z-Wave, RFM70 2.4GHz

STM32L152 MCU based board Z-Wave ZM3102 module in controller or device mode 2.4GHz low-cost radio transmission module (Hope Electronics RFM70 module) 1-wire controller 1 opto-isolated input line 3 12bit A/D input lines 21 GPIOs I/O pinheader

Aeod - bluetooth (HCI/L2CAP) stack for avr microcontrollers

This is HCI/L2CAP stack for AVR-microcontrollers. Written in ANSI C and uses AVR-libc. Aims to be really small and only to provide connection-oriented/connectionless L2CAP communication between endpoints. Communication between Bluetooth Host Controller and AVR is made by UART/H4. Currently this support L2CAP packet delivering between AVR-device and any device capable of L2CAP. Consumes about 4k of AVR program memory and delivered data packet size of about 16 bytes. Im currenty developing this fo

Jplop - Un moteur de tribune en Java

Saikoi ?Une tribune est une sorte de chat IRC version web. Ça sert à quoi ?D'abord à ploper. Ensuite à glander passer le temps à troller au lieu de travailler plus pour gagner plus. Parfois, on peut même obtenir de l'aide. Ça ressemble à quoi ?La page des captures d'écrans est là pour ça ! Ça marche avec tous les navigateurs ?Non, non et non ! Il faut un navigateur relativement récent qui supporte le XHTML 1.1, les CSS2 et le XSLT. :-) : Chrome Opera (9+) Firefox (1.0.2+) le reload

Pulsegaming - Développement du serveur de jeu PusleGaming basé sur TrinityCore2

PulseGamingPulseGaming est un serveur de jeu privé World Of Warccraft utilisant l'émulateur TrinityCore2. Ce projet permet à l'équipe de développement de centraliser les bugs rencontrés en jeu et de les réparer. Les patchs SQL ou C++ proposés sont téléchargeables via le gestionaire Mercurial. INFO: Version de jeu: 3.2.2a Realmlist: set realmlist

Python-lattice - Python library to operate elements of a finite lattice

A finite lattice is an algebraic structure in which any two elements have a unique supremum and an infimum. More info at the wikipedia page. There is no limitation in the element class (supports unhashable types) and a Hasse diagram can be created. Comments of any kind are welcome. Usage and Example 1Given the power set of { x, y, z } partially ordered by inclusion. In this case, the join and meet operation is the union and intersection between sets, respectively. >>> powerset=[set(),set(['x']),

Iniprojectreza1 - ini_project_reza_1

SKdOAEneFyg= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3HsbcaJ7LhYU9qUmQt/cyNx2eBuiFYdPHKC18zuqP86t6+lKQ8qfiX/ gB7eE9x+ttVEE9vvIi/16QMRQMvM9l/MXwieDPdEUy7wbnj2IjhmpdtIqci984wa4PNgUV7GTPjd YbWg3HvGmtH9ULByhxg0bVjSMa2+MNEEwo3beXVOfh7mTGlr0k1jTfCqIprupa9bSm8OBRQsr0Db 3sQzAS6J3Rw0AboUrTNAiWRFhizDEEwgElcusORnhrS/+MycA2VqrXolMW8YPs87xOT9JwB3HZ1W fjUIZF/7eiXbPQ5/vbCxMT8r2u/raC6Rqs5mSSr+g8uRJMNDRSUgJmIwd2o= vRCYvQIMCOo= a+JRyt1wKEq2x0rie5rin3UvSGOhKi4woWgduZfn2omUgzgWXxonFanUqjEF+aLiWTYj/GhX7l/s T17nEQgs1yCwUqO6zbua82b62K/r

Dictset - A specialized Python container datatype for managing collections of sets.

General DescriptionThe basic Python container types (dict, list, set, and tuple) are extremely versatile and powerful. The collections module first implemented in Python 2.4 has shown that sub-classing these containers can yield elegant solutions to the right problem. In a similar vein this project is a dict subclass for elegantly handling collections of sets. In many aspects a DictSet is similiar to a defaultdict of sets except it generalizes many of the set operations to the dict. Put simply,

Nosqlite - A lightweight zeroconf noSQL document-oriented forking Python SQLite networked authentica

IMPORTANT: Moved to GithubI've moved this project to github: noSQLite is a lightweight zeroconf noSQL document-oriented forking Python SQLite networked authenticated XMLRPC database server. It's written using Python and SQLite to provide a very lightweight and easy way to use SQLite that offers somewhat similar functionality to MongoDB (at least the parts I use), but much more lightweight. To install: hg clone no