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A-shop is an easy to modify online shopping cart with many default installed modules, stock management are just a few features of a-shop. It comes with a full administration panel. Main site http://www.jibondev.com/a-shop




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ZenCart is a PHP based e-Commerce Shopping Cart Software. ZenCart is easy to install. Products, Customers, Pricing, Payment and Shipping could be easily managed by administrators. It is built on top of osCommerce. It supports Multiple gateway services, Sales, Discounts, Gift certificate, Audit trail, Newsletter manager, Advertising banners, Tax rate configuration, multiple shipping options and lot more.

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The Web Platform ICT4BUS-PVL allows the optimization of business processes in the supply chain at of participating stores, and other retail shops, supermarkets, of small and medium size. Project financed by the IADB/MIF see: www.iadb.org/ict4bus for all

Shopfront - A test shop implementation.

A Shop with (a) Order Lines (b) Shopping Basket (c) Subscriptions (d) Google payment

Ebay-shopping - A RubyOnRails library for the fast-and-simple ebay Shopping API

A RubyOnRails plugin for the fast-and-simple ebay Shopping API. For details see the Introduction, or the README file. There's also a blog post detailing usage at: http://pushrod.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/a-rubyonrails-library-for-the-ebay-shopping-api/ STOP PRESSThe ebay_shopping library has now been converted to a gem. More details http://github.com/ctagg/ebay_shopping

Gaols - Ecommerce shopping cart website using ASP.NET

IT192P .NET ProjectOverview:G&A Online Shopping is a multilayered architecture project consisting of a data access layer, connection layer and presentation layer. The shopping cart system was patterned after myayala.com which was what we exactly want to achieve as a project. Screenshot: Created by:Gerald A. Magno Allan Jay B. Tolentino

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Various Wordpress plugins and scripts by Jacob Brunson. ThemesNehemiahA black theme with transparency. PluginsShopping CartOther shopping carts add a shopping framework on top of Wordpress. This plugin uses Wordpress as the framework. You use existing Wordpress category and tag methods to organize your store. You add items to you store by writing a new post, and then using an advanced post option box to add meta-data such as price. This implements the Google Checkout shopping cart, and is probab

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This calculator uses the built-in operations in Javascript to calculate answers to simple math problems. Useful in any situation where your users may need to calculate numbers (a shopping cart, browser-based game, etc...).

Socialshop - SocialShop

A codeigniter based shop. Get sourceYo can use this command to check out the latest project source code: svn checkout http://socialshop.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ socialshop-read-only Install it!Make sure your server meets the requirements. Get source. Unpack and upload the files to your web server. Direct your browser to the install.php file and follow the installation procedure.


A-shop is an ASP-based online shop. Multiple languages, online management of your products. You can order your products online and even place a productreview on the site.

Jspshopvn - An online shop implement for network programming course

The jspshopvn is a JSP auction shop which is implemented in order to apply network programming assignment. Therefore, the shop will be small, simple with less feature. The jspshopvn will be based on the following technology: JSP Apache Tomcat JDBC jspshopvn là shop đấu giá được làm trong khuôn khổ bài tập môn lập trình mạng. Dự án sẽ khá nh�, đơn giản và ít tính năng. Jspshopvn dựa trên các công nghệ chính sau đây: JSP Apache Tomcat JDBC