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Hacking on an IRC client




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Boneco-irc - Perl IRC bot priv8

um IRC bot BR (muito importante!) com as vars configuraveis via comandos e com multiprocessamento.

Phpbobot - IRC roBot written in PHP

Welcome to phpBobot project site!phpBobot is a BOT for IRC networks. It supports a lot of features and add-ons. TODO: Because of the plugins it could use differents DBMS to memorize its data, including Flat Files. Benvenuti al sito del progetto phpBobot!phpBobot è un BOT per reti IRC scritto in PHP. Supporta parecchie funzioni e add-ons. TODO: Grazie ai plugin può usare diversi DBMS per la memorizzazione dei dati, compresi i Flat Files. 09 Mar 2011Released bugfix version Changes: Fixe

Radi8 Communicator

An IRC like Chat Program with Voice Comm support and more

Suittar - open source Twitter client

NoticePlease see the following New BSD license and confirm the terms of use. Application EnviromentJava Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0 or higher platform MacOSX Leopard / Windows (XP|VISTA) IRC Channel#suittar@freenode. English or Japanese. please use UTF8 Thanks.Twitter4JCopyright (c) 2007,Yusuke Yamamoto All rights reserved. http://yusuke.homeip.net/twitter4j/ Mille Mercis à : M. Yusuke Yamamoto JFontChooser.Copyright 2004-2007 Masahiko SAWAI All Rights Reserved. http://sourceforge.jp/projects

Html5lib - Library for working with HTML documents

A Python and PHP implementations of a HTML parser based on the WHATWG HTML5 specification for maximum compatibility with major desktop web browsers. Note that the separate ports are not kept in sync; they are effectively different projects offering similar functionality for their respective languages. NotesUsers of the sanitizer must ensure that they serialize with quoted attribute values to avoid some known script injection holes in older browsers including IE < 8 The Ruby port is currently unm

Org-corfield-cfmx - Sean Corfield&#39;s Open Source ColdFusion projects (CFEclipseFacade, Closures,

A variety of small Open Source projects for ColdFusion MX from Sean Corfield (An Architect's View). Currently this project contains: CFEclipseFacade - a cfcUnit-compatible version of the CFC required by the CFUnit plugin Closures for CFMX - inspired by closures in a variety of languages Concurrency for CFMX - inspired by Java 5's concurrency package Edmund - Event-based programming for ColdFusion IRCBot Event Gateway - this is a CFMX Event Gateway that acts as a channel bot on IRC Scripting - PH

Madcow - Extensible IRC/SILC/AIM bot written in Python

OverviewMadcow is an extensible python IRC bot with support for SILC and AIM. It is fully customizable and has a simple API for creating modules that extend its functionality. Madcow ships with modules that emulate classic Infobot behavior and many other fun or useful utilities. RequirementsPython 2.5 or higher If you wish to use Madcow with the SILC protocol, you will need to install the silc-toolkit and pysilc libraries. The memebot module requires SQLObject and a backend (MySQLdb or pysqlite3

Galaxium - Multi-Protocol Instant Messenger

Welcome to the Galaxium Messenger development site!Galaxium is an instant messenger application designed for the GNOME desktop. It will allow you to connect to MSN, Jabber, and IRC. You can communicate with your family, friends and co-workers from around the world, using different networks at the same time, while still keeping the unique user experience of each network's features. We have some Screenshots for anyone who is interested in seeing what it looks like in action! We will add more as we


Tcldrop is basically a clone of the Eggdrop IRC bot, but is being written purely in Tcl. The intention is to write a much more scriptable bot than Eggdrop is. It will run stand-alone or from any Tcl-enabled application (Tcl v8.5+).