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This project includes some code snippets of c#.




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Gywo - Get Your Weather On: a lightweight weather webapp in Google Go

Get Your Weather On is a lightweight weather webapp written in Google Go. It fetches weather data from a data source and displays it in a simple, efficient way, without ads, cruft or nonsense. InstallationInstall Go. Set the GOROOT environment variable, if it isn't already set. Then, install gywo's dependencies $ goinstall github.com/hoisie/web.go$ goinstall github.com/hoisie/mustache.goCheck out gywo $ hg clone https://gywo.googlecode.com/hg gywo$ cd gywo$ makeAnd run it $ ./weatherUsageNavigat

Zhunter - Perl script to locate potentially infected Zeus hosts

Zeus HunterA simple tool that can parse a variety of logs from a variety of sources and help you determine if you have an existing infection within your environment, or if you have ever had one. This tool operates by fetching the latest information available from zeustracker (https://zeustracker.abuse.ch/) and running this against the provided logs. Currently csv data exported from Sourcefire 3D and squid unified logs are supported. We are looking for more logs or people to develop log reading s

Geoyd - Pythonic projection library

Geoyd is a map projection and great circle computation library for Python 2.6+ & 3.x. Dependencies : PyDbLite for database work SimpleGeoyd.geo module provides classes, functions and sub packages access. import Geoyd.geo as geoGeoyd.geo.datum package is a repository of EPSG and NATO datum. >>> geo.datum.search("OSGB 1936") # search by alias{'prime': 0.0, 'code': u'OGB-7', 'name': u'ORDNANCE SURVEY GB 1936', 'ellipsoid': 7001, 'epsg': 4277, 'region': u'Great Britain', 'expansion': 0.247, 'alias':

Seam-conversations-ear - Test maven project to display conversations ending problem on WebLogic 10.3

Test maven project to display conversations ending problem on WebLogic 10.3.2 (11g). Seam 2.2.0.GA Richfaces 3.3.2.GA WebLogic 10.3.2 (11g) With default configuration, see application in: http://localhost:7001/seam-conversations-war/ See wiki for more details on the code. SOLUTION: The problem was resolved when renamed the jboss-seam-2.2.0.GA.jar to jboss-seam.jar in the application .ear archive. Created issue in JBoss Jira: https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBSEAM-4644

Flashecom - Flashecom E-Commerce Solutions

Flashecom is a leading ASP (Application Service Provider) development company, providing small to medium-sized businesses with industry leading eCommerce solutions. We use the latest technologies, our company provides retailers and wholesellers with the tools they need to establish, manage, and grow a reliable online store. We provide an array of extensive web-based management tools and utilities, giving businesses of all types and size a scalable product—one that grows with their business, ac

d7001d - D7001D - Network programming and distributed applications - Project

D7001D - Network programming and distributed applications - Project

koa-rt - koa rt with microtime

```jsvar koa = require('koa');var rt = require('koa-rt');var app = koa();app.use(rt());app.use(function *(next){ yield sleep(150); this.body = 'Hello';});function sleep(ms) { return function(done){ setTimeout(done, ms); };}app.listen(7001);console.log('listening on port 7001');```

koa-markdown - Auto convert markdown to html for koa. Inspired by connect-markdown

```jsvar koa = require('koa');var markdown = require('koa-markdown');var app = koa();app.use(markdown({ root: __dirname + '/docs', baseUrl: '/docs'}));app.listen(7001);```Or you can checkout the [example](https://github.com/koajs/koa-markdown/tree/master/example).

cirru-light-editor - Small editor wrapped on cirru-editor

The editor is not quite ready for daily use but you may try:```bashnpm install -g cirru-light-editor````cd` to a directory which contains `.cirru` files and run:```cirru-light-editor```Then you may visit http://repo.cirru.org/light-editor/and found it connected to `localhost:7001` and you can try editing.