508 Compliance Validator

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This tool checks aspx and ascx pages against 508 Accessibilty guidelines and also allows you to add your own rules.




Related Projects

Quail-server - QUAIL Accessibility Information Server

A sister project of the QUAIL Accessibility Information Libray, Accessibility Information Server is a Drupal distribution that can scan other websites for compliance with accessibility guidelines like Section 508, WCAG, or any other custom guideline an administrator would like to build. This is the initial hosting space for the server project while it is very unstable and not to be used in production environments (and while we wait for CVS to go bye-bye in Drupal). Once we get stable, this will

Naak - .NET Accessibility Analysis Kit

The .NET Accessibility Analysis Kit (NAAK) is designed to allow compliance with the US Rehabilitation Act, Section 508. This law lays out several web development guidelines to ensure web applications are accessible by people with disabilities. Most of the guidelines apply to blindness, but others apply to deafness, color-blindness, motor impairments, and epilepsy. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides protection as well. There are numerous free and commercial products to help ensure Secti


AlphaMail is an accelerated web mail interface with a C++ middleware layer that is more effective than an IMAP proxy which is a highly scalable (10k+ users). The interface includes modern features, Section 508 compliance, and universal browser support.

Checky for Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape

Checky is an easy to use interface to many online validation and analysis services. Validate, analyze and view documents containing HTML, XHTML, CSS, RDF, RSS, XML, P3P, hyperlinks and metadata. Check Section 508 and WAI compliance of your documents.

[unofficial] Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (uAKS)

The [unofficial] Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (uAKS) aims to make SharePoint more accessible by striving to achieve WCAG and US Section 508 compliance. This project is an unofficial fork of the HiSoftware Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (AKS).


Frosttie (FROnt-end SchemaTron Text Internet Engine) takes XHTML pages and processes them with various user-definable filters such a W3C's WAI, Section 508 (US) web usability compliance, ad removal, etc. It can be used with zKnowMan.

Bboxx - Broadcasting Box -- Max Edition

BboxXBroadcasting Box, Max EditionThe bboxx projects is a ready to run IPTV broadcast system includes HTTP (Video) Streaming server, Flash/HTML5 embedded video player/podcast Web frontend interface, user access control/single sign on and registration system, and a simple media management system. This site houses the documentation and virtual machine image for download and deployment. Project Updates (Resources)Follow this project at Twitter: http://twitter.com/httpstreaming Key Goals The system

Qaqqa - A Ready-to-Run Rich WebTV Broadcasting Solution

QAQQAQAQQA is designed to provide a complete and ready to run WebTV/IPTV broadcast system integrating a HTTP (H.264/FLASH) Streaming server, a rich and accessible media presentation interface based on both Flash/HTML5 technologies, and a content publish and management system. Additional key features are: viewer registration and access control, secure download content protection, and social network integration. This site houses the documentation and virtual machine image for download and deployme

Cfttaglib - ColdFusion Tag Library

We moved -We decided to move our project to http://cftl.riaforge.org/ We won't update the code here any more. So please go there to get the latest code.Creating a ColdFusion Tag Library like Webwork's tag library for non-framework, Fusebox framework, and possibly Model-Glue framework. The library is created for CFMX 7. Right now only the Fusebox version is in the work.The goal of this project is to limit human-errors, maintain consistent, shorten development time, and take care various mundane a

suite_508 - A suite of Drupal modules for helping with 508 compliance

A suite of Drupal modules for helping with 508 compliance