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Wowrealmstatusapi - Python World of Warcraft Realmstatus API

Change historyChangelog0.1 (09-13-10) Initial release 0.2 (09-13-10) Added doctest 0.3 (09-13-10) More detailed doctest (also used as readme) 0.4 (09-16-10) Fixed a typo in the doctest Changed get_realm_status(self, name) and get_realm_type(self, name) to (self, \\ names) Detailed DocumentationIntroductionThe realmstatus-API reads the realmstatus-xml from wow-europe.com to get the status of a specified realm ("Realm Up/Realm Down") and the type of the realm (PvE,PvP etc.). UsageTo use the API, j

Wow-realmstatus-module - A joomla 1.5.x / 1.6 Module for displaying the realm status of a World of W

WoW Realmstatus ATTENTION: It seems that Blizzard does not offer a realm status site at the moment. Module will be updated as soon as a new site is available or another solution is found. At the moment only finished in a joomla 1.5.21(and up) and Joomla 1.6M version Looking for developers for other systems as phpnuke, phpbb, eg.. Who are willing to convert the module to those systems. As the delivered XML data for European and us realms is not the same it is important that you pick the right Loc

Nexus-ldap - LDAP integration for Sonatype Nexus

Open Source implementation of LDAP integration for Sonatype Nexus. DescriptionThis realm enables authentication of users through LDAP. It will also allow you to assign roles (defined in Nexus) to users defined in an LDAP directory. Mapping of LDAP groups to Nexus roles is not supported. If you have any questions, please check the AskedQuestions wiki page! Important: To use the realm in Nexus v1.4.0 and v1.4.1, please follow these instructions! NewsJanuary 22, 2010: As LDAP support is added to Ne

Jamash - Jamash's World of Warcraft AddOns and Utilities

The home away from home of Jamash (World of Warcraft Realm: Kil'jaeden-US), where you can find the WoW AddOn "Learning Aid", and Jamash's Unofficial WoW 4.x UI Extractor Kit. More projects will probably appear, eventually.

Wowactivityapi - Python World of Warcraft Activity API

Change historyChangelog0.1 (09-13-10) Initial release 0.2 (09-13-10) Added doctest 0.3 (09-13-10) More detailed doctest (also used as readme) 0.4 (09-16-10) Fixed a typo in the doctest Modified to fetch en_GB XML if Plone language is "en", if "de" -> de_DE XML, for better i18n Changed get_activity(self, name, realm, zone, language) to get_activity(self, name, realm, zone, language, count) so you can manipulate how many activities it returns Detailed DocumentationIntroductionThe activity-API read

Starcraft2replaymonkey - A C# / WPF Starcraft II replay organizer

This project uses SC2ParserApe available here: http://code.google.com/p/sc2parserape/ Phalanger is no longer required for this software to run, but you can still have an interested look here: http://phalanger.codeplex.com/ =) However, you DO need the Framework .Net 4.0 available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=9cfb2d51-5ff4-4491-b0e5-b386f32c0992&displaylang=en and VC++ 2010 SP runtime available here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=a

Webdkp-ru - webdkp by Scott Bailey modified by fans to support ruRU WoW locale

(in English) An attempt to make WebDKP release 69 by Scott Bailey support ruRU WoW locale and Cyrillic characters in guild, character, realm names, and everywhere else, where applicable, by implementing full UTF-8 support and web interface localization system. System requirements are almost the same as for the original version: PHP version 5 (with short open tag support and php_curl extension) MySQL version 4.1 and above Apache version 2 and above (with mod_rewrite module) (по-ру��ки) П

Collectivewowcharacter - plone3 contenttype, view, portlet

Change historyChangelog0.1 (09-03-10) Initial release 0.2 (09-03-10) Fixed a typo in wowcharacter.css Updated the wowrealmstatus images 0.3 (09-06-10) Added generic deDE i18n 0.4 (09-10-10)(armory_api.py) modified armory-API to fetch additional info (arenateams, glyphs, secondary professions) (wowcharacter.py) added char_arena_teams(), char_glyphs(), char_secondary_professions(), char_activity() and char_activity_feed() (wowcharater.pt) display additional info from the APIs, added numerated head

Httxlib - Python HttxLib for Http/Https multithreaded connections

Requires Python >= 2.6.3/2.7.x FeaturesHTTP/HTTPS Proxy support (with and without CONNECT for HTTPS), supporting system defined proxies Manual tunnel setup possible (CONNECT with no SSL for a pure binary connection) Keepalive support Compression support Cookies support Authentication (Proxy/User): Basic and Digest caching the answers for reuse External Authentication handlers supported (to enable external handling of Negotiate, Kerberos, NTLM ...) Username/Password for url/realm management Clien

Cpap - Conference Paper Assignment Problem

We define a specific sub problem in the CPAP realm, and then solve it using 1. Linear Programming 2. Dynamic Programming 3. Greedy Algorithm 4. Genetic Algorithm We then compare and contrast the solutions. We also have a random data generator.