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Tablecrab - PokerStars hotkeys

yet another PokerStars hotkey manager - written in python the program is developed and tested on linux/wine and runs well on windowsXP and other flavors of windows. features: configurable hotkeys for common table actions like check, fold, raise, bet pot (...) resize tables via hotkey block popup news built in hand viewer and hand history file browser FPP calculator fetch icm nash calculations from card protector to cover pocket cards in training sessions tool to evaluate hand

Jquery-rotate - jQuery extension for image rotation

IntroductionThis library is an extension for jQuery to rotate images directly within JavaScript. Good in situations where you want to organize your thumbnails without the lag of synchronous image operations via the web server. ImplementationTwo JavaScript image handling implementations are supported: using DXImageTransform filter for Microsoft Internet Explorer using Canvas object for other browsers The library has been tested with: Mozilla FireFox Internet Explorer 7.0 Opera 9.1 (note O

Kaikalib - C-Language Function Library for Atmel AVR Processors.

AboutKaika AVR library is a Free Software project whose goal is to provide a C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers. Kaika (japanese): open access (in a library); open shelves. News2008/Jan/22Add On-line Documentation link in the Project Home page. 2008/Jan/14First release. LibrariesExternal Hardware Device drivers TMP101 (tmp101) - Temperature Sensor and Thermostat, Texas Instruments AT45xxx (df) - Data Flash Memory, Atmel TSL2550D (t

Pgloganalysis - PGLogAnalysis is a simple analysis and statistics program for PostgreSQL log files

What is this program?A simple tool for analysing postgresql logs or any other kind of logfiles that contains a command that has been executed and the running time. Here are screenshots from a test run on a 10 GB log file. It failed to plot graph of the 21 million datapoints and the analysis took 1.5 hour on a laptop so there is some optimizations left to do. Basically it produces statistics on the queries run. It will merge queries that are similar, which means it is much like any other log anal

Flexmler - XML serialization/deserialization for Flex

FleXMLerIntroFleXMLer (pronounced 'Flex-em-el-er') is an XML serialization / deserialization utility for Adobe Flex. By default FleXMLer uses reflection for out-of-the-box serialization. You can tweek the default serialization by using annotations. For example, you can indicate that a certain field should not be serialized, should be serialized using a specific element name, or should be serialized as an XML attribute. You can also specify serialization information programmatically at runtime in

Libasys - Widget File Sharing OC

Widget File Sharing OC