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Here are implemented all possible transformations ( rotation, moving, scaling ). Also here are implemented number of algorithm for eliminating invisible lines and surfaces. Some simple algorithms for light. For layout are used DirectX libraries. (GDI is also supported).




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WPF 3D-Model Viewer

WPF 3D-Model Viewer

Openinventorviewer - Open Inventor Viewer

Open Inventor ViewerSoQtViewer / SoWxViewer class are OpenInventor 3D-model examination viewer for Qt 3.x/4.x and wxWidgets 2.8. This class is the viewer considered to be the most "general purpose" viewer, and it is often used in rapid prototyping to examine simple models aswell as complete scenes. hold down left mouse button and move mouse pointer to rotate the camera around it's current focal point hold middle mouse button to pan use mouse wheel to zoom / dolly click 'ESC' key to switch to and

Imbamo - Image based modelling and rendering with Blender

ImBaMoThis projects provides the program ImBaMo for Blender. With it you can generate 3d-models of arbitrary polygonal objects from images. ImBaMo is written in Python and uses some c-library for camera calibration. Features:camera calibration of the input images object coordinate generation from point correspondences texture mapping of the model with the input images State:The current state of the project does not allow a fully automatic generation of the 3d object from the input images. There

Arabian Flights

Arabian Flights is a 3d first-person shooter developed in Java using the Java3D library. It is loosely based on the game Magic Carpet. It consits of a 3d-modelled landscape and sprites for the monsters and spells. It runs under anything that runs Java3D.


jSVR is an implementation of the Single view 3D reconstruction technique. It allows the recreation of 3D scenes from a single image. It provides a UI that navigates the user through a number of steps from a source image to a complete 3dmodel of the scene


Intranet repository for Engeneering projects. Helps users to manage informations, CAD Drawings, 3Dmodels, BOMs (etc).Supports OpenOffice by database generated documents, does versioning and file-locking. To use with every CAD software.


Detailed Description: Barracuda3DBuilder - OpenGL 3Drenderer program. Reads .obj and .tga files, adding materials for objects. Creating animation in scene and render to .tga. Release file - Barra3D5.zip(.exe) include modeler(progect Barracuda3DModel