Microsoft 311 Accelerator for Dynamics CRM 2011

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Ands-australian-government-data-tools - Tools built on a needs basis with the goal of harvesting pub

Tools built with Python for completing various tasks. All required for gathering information from Public Sector and making it publicly available.

Opengov-catalog - A data set catalog for opengov projects

This application will allow you to set up a web based catalog of public datasets in your country to increase transparency and re-use of public sector information. For an example see The application is based on the Django framework and can easily be deployed on cheap hosting. For each data set information about available formats, license restrictions, responsible organization, topic tags can be specified. The idea is to increase visibility of public sector information to ena

Oiorest - Ruby on Rails ActiveOIO extension to Danish public data

This project is an ActiveResource extension, ActiveOIO, for accessing the Danish OIOREST experiment: As the OIOREST project is merely an experiment, ActiveOIO will probably never see any real action in the world of real apps. So. That means that for some people, coding on ActiveOIO will be like committing code to /dev/null. For others, it might be an interesting way to explore the possibilities of REST in the danish public sector. See Wiki for howtos etc If

Indiawiki - a wiki and a review site for indian public and private sector utilities and services

the aim of this project is to crate a wiki and a review site for indian public and private sector utilities and services

Zsurveys - Band Z surveys system

IntroductionEvery large corporation or small company in Ukraine and throughout the world that produces any type or work in the service sector, always interested in the quality of its service. To do this they need to know the opinion of consumers. Only then conclusions can be drawn and you can take action to improve the quality of manufactured goods or services. Another example is the firm that is only going to do production and wants to know public opinion on the matter. One of the methods of so

Acid - Anti Corruption India Drive

A application to track and report ACID events in the country at all leveles in public and private sector industry. patron can reports anonymously ACID events and the system will measure acidity and effectiveness.

Apinstall - jQuery based progress bar used for instensive php processes or API installations

Apinstall v0.0.6 The end of blank pages while running PHP intensive scripts. DEMO(works with: IE, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) Functionalities:Intensive php processes can be visible to user Application installing process visible to user Fun dealing with process bar ;) How it`s made? It is hard?Class is very simple to implement its consist of: 80% of PHP 5% of CSS 15% of jQuery javascript Example(full example avaible in zip archive: install.php) Put this in your site header <header></header> r

Moldeas - Methods on Linked Data for E-Procurement Applying Semantics

The aim of the project is to develop methods and tools based on semantics and linked data to be applied on public procurement notices in the e-Procurement sector. More information at:

Vienna-add-in - An B2B collaboration modeling Add-In for Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect

IntroductionThe Research Studio Public Private Interoperability (PPI) develops methods and tools targeting the inter-organizational integration of enterprises and organizations of the public sector. Service-oriented architectures and their implementation by Web Services are the current state-of-the-art technologies for this kind of integration problems. However, Web Services are agnostic toward the structure of the information / documents being exchanged. The studio PPI focuses on the exchanged

Nanonano - Linked Data System for Researchers

Opportunity: Scientific researchers need raw, real-time data from peer researchers integrated with existing content from published scientific journals, compendiums, and other relevant information sources accessible from the web. This aggregated content needs to be maintained and given context by each research team and integrated with existing knowledge systems. The process needs to harness knowledge flow for internal knowledgebases and external portals and provide features to expedite traditiona