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Related Projects

Jremotebootstrap - Java Application Network Bootstrapping Library

Java Bootstrap Client LibraryProject Information http://www.peterfranza.com/projects/java-bootstrap-client-library/ UsageServer:To run the server java -cp JRemoteBootstrapper.jar org.franza.bootstrapper.server.Server Optional To change the port number that the server runs on add -Dport=3000 to the command line arguemnts. Client:To run the client either double-click the jar file, to load the graphical chooser or run the client java -jar JRemoteBootstrapper.jar -Dclass="_the.main.class_" org.franz

Pyhomectl - Python framework for controlling home appliances.

Project Summary Using RS-232, ethernet, and USB, it is possible to control many appliances around your house. This project was started because I found a RS-232 connector on the back of my LG 47LH3000 TV. It is a Python module AND command line program allowing you to control your TV. I may add a web-based GUI at some point! I am also planning on including code to control my Bang & Olufsen equipment (via USB and a Beolink PC2), but that will come at a later date. NOTE: This project is suitable for

Djangomud - A simple MUD server using the Django framework

The Django framework is a application framework to create web applications. It also contains a very good database ORM and a pretty good template engine. The DjangoMUD project is using the django framework, most of all the database ORM, to create a MUD server. However, since the MUD server already have a complete web-framework at its disposal, there will also be a web portal for mostly administrative work. For the network handling and main eventloop, the Twisted framework is used. Instead of usin


rrd wsRRD is well-known soft/hardware monitoring-tool software... ...and now, thanks to JRobin, it is available for java/ j2ee , web-services, clustering, SoftwareAsAService (SaaS) supported protocols for Data-collectinglog-file xml (DUMP, xpath) Java-JMX jcollectd TCP/UDP SNMP (v 1., 2., 3. ) typeperf log4j, JUL, slf4j supported runtimesJAVA J2EE GAE supported output formatsrastergif png jpg tif vectorsvg compositpdf reproduce original rrdtools commansjust follow https://code.google.com/p/rrdws

Flyparse-mode - An emacs minor-mode that interacts with external parsers to provide high-level synta

NOTE: Flyparse-mode is now hosted at github: flyparse-mode Flyparse-mode is an emacs minor-mode designed to support the creation of programming-language major-modes. Flyparse uses external parsers to generate s-expression ASTs for language files, as they are being edited. Language modes are then able to query these ASTs using a declarative search syntax. Features: Pluggable architecture. It doesn't matter how you implement the parser, as long as it supports the flyparse protocol. Simple and unob

Inkscape2tikz - An extension for exporting from Inkscape to PGF/TikZ code for use with LaTeX, ConTeX

Inkscape to TikZ exporterAn Inkscape extension for exporting SVG paths as TikZ/PGF paths. Similar to my Blender to TikZ exporter. Note: This extension is a work in progress. Example Exporting the above path will generate the following code: \\documentclass{article}\\usepackage{tikz}\\usepackage[active,tightpage]{preview}\\PreviewEnvironment{tikzpicture}\\begin{document}\\definecolor{cff8080}{RGB}{255,128,128}\\begin{tikzpicture}[y=0.80pt,x=0.80pt,yscale=-1]\\begin{scope}[draw=black,line join=rou

Mobilesafari-streaming - A web-application for MobileSafari that utilizes iUi to stream music (and e

NOTE: The actual streaming portion of the script is currently not working - ironic, I know. I don't have a ton of experience in streaming, but for anyone at all out there who wants to help out, the code is in the repository and a simple post anywhere will get my attention! The aim of this little script is to provide an interface like the one found on iPod touches and iPhones, but for music that is to be streamed. I utilized the excellent iUi, which without this script could never be. The script

Nephtali - A simple, flexible, fast, and security-focused PHP framework

NephtaliBuilding on the new functional capabilities available in PHP 5.3, Nephtali provides powerful web development capabilities within a small web framework. Defining featuresFunctional style (functions are preferred over objects, many framework values are immutable.) Novel architecture makes use of pipe-controllers (as opposed to the page- or front-controllers) and embedded views, cleanly separating HTML from PHP and empowering designers in the development process. Wrapper functions for PDO s

Python-pages - Web application Stack

Important: This project is not maintained anymore. I leared a lot about language design, parsers, compilers and web frameworks by writing this web application stack. But better framework do exist. Maybe you want to take a look at Django. I like it a lot (apart from it's default templating language.) It works really well. The code of this framework will stay on-line AS IS, as reference for whoever is interested. -- Jonathan Slenders Python pages is a framework that makes it easier to develop web

Gcsvsql - Command line script to perform SQL queries on CSV files.

gcsvsqlgcsvsql is a Groovy command line script that treates csv files as database tables. gcsvsql allows you to perform arbitrary queries on those files, including multi-file joins. The core functionality is provided by the h2 database engine. UsageInput CSV files must have comma separated columns and the first line must contain column names. In general, the requirements for the SQL queries are: The query MUST be in format "select X from Y where Z" The table(s) in the Y term must be the csv file