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OAuth Modules for Node.js - Supporting RSA, HMAC, PLAINTEXT, 2,3-Legged, 1.0a, Echo, XAuth, and 2.0

Emule RealPlay Mod

playing while downloading with emule

Functional-actionscript - Functional style programming library for Actionscript

A simple library to encourage functional style programming methods in actionscript 3.0 and above. Have added the 'Functional' class that adds methods to the Object class. This makes it a little easier to start exploring functional style programming. Getting StartedYou start by adding the following 2 lines to your Flex code in an an initialisation section. import handy.Functional;...Functional.MakeSystemFunctional();Some simple examplesvar a:* = [1,23,1,"beef",2,17,100]; //set up an Arrayvar b:Ob

Jquery-ui-tabs-paging - Paging extension for jQuery UI Tabs

When tabs do not fit within the width of the containing UL, "previous" and "next" buttons are displayed to scroll through tabs. FeaturesAutomatically resizes when window size changes. Next and Previous buttons are configurable. Paging automatically re-initialized when tabs are added or removed "Next" button is automatically set at a fixed distance from the right of the UL. Tested with jQuery UI themes Required Librariesjquery-1.3.2.js jQuery UI 1.7.2 - ui.core.js and ui.tabs.js Parameterscycle -

Snapboard - Python Forum/Bulletin-Board for Django

SNAPboard: S(imple), N(imble), A(ttractive), P(ython) board snapboard's layout is largely inspired by the elegant design of the Lussomo Vanilla forum (PHP). requirementsPython 2.3 python-pil (Python Imaging Library) Django 1.0 ( database choicesYou can use any database that Django supports (PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite3, Oracle). available translationsFrench Russian

Revex - C# regex reverser.

Given a regular expression, Revex can generate a string that will match it. Test Results^abc$ > abc : pass\\Aa > a : passz\\Z > z : passz\\z > z : passz\\z > z : pass\\G\\(a\\) > \\(a\\) : passab\\b > ab : passa\\Bb > ab : pass\\a > : pass[\\b] > : pass\\t > \\t : pass\\r > \\r : pass\\v > ♂ : pass\\f > \\f : pass\ > \ : pass\\e > � : pass\\141 > a : pass\\x61 > a : pass\\cC > ♥ : pass\\u0061 > a : pass\\\\ > \\\\ : pass[abc] > a : pass[^abc] > í : pass[a-z] > a : pass. > ² : pass\\w > z

Pyseq - Python File Sequence Module

OverviewPySeq is a python module that finds groups of items that follow a naming convention containing a numerical sequence index (e.g. fileA.001.png, fileA.002.png, fileA.003.png...) and serializes them into a compressed sequence string representing the entire sequence (e.g. fileA.1-3.png). It should work regardless of where the numerical sequence index is embedded in the name. For examples, see basic usage below. Basic UsageUsing the "z1" file sequence example in the "tests" directory: % ls te

Smokejs - Discovery based test suite for JavaScript

This is a discovery based unittest system for JavaScript (very much like Python's nose and py.test). It will either run tests on files given on the command line or search for files matching test_*.js under the current directory. Tests can be run either in command line (using Rhino or SpiderMonkey) or in the browser. Example run (command line): $./smokejs ** Testing ./t/test_foo.js* Running test_a...* OK* Running test_b...* ERROR (wrong universe)* Running test_c...* ERROR (maaa)** 2/3 tests faile

Robust-coupe - features to improve the robust of java application

Welcome to Robust-Coupe projectRobust-Coupe aims to provide some features to improve the robust of java application. NewsRobust-Task, renamed to Whitetask currently, has moved to Here - 2009/06/23 Robust-Task 0.1 concept version has just been released! - 2009/03/12 Download Doc Active features Robust-Validation : Generalized validation which can use widely.(Started) Inactive features Deprecated Robust-Task(*) : Potent combination by Task, Task Decoration and Task Chain to provide high readabilit

Ctypes-glpk - A Python wrapper for GLPK using ctypes

ctypes-glpk is a Python module which encapsulates the functionality of the GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK). The GLPK allows one to specify linear programs (LPs) and mixed integer programs (MIPs), and to solve them with either simplex, interior-point, or branch-and-cut algorithms. The goal of ctypes-glpk is to give one Python access to all documented functionality of GLPK. Advantages Complete access to all documented functionality of GLPK, up to version 4.33 No installation or compiler required