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Rails: an 18xx game system

Rails is a Java game engine intended to play any of the 18xx series of turn-based board games For 3-6 players and set in the 19th century, these games allow players to step into the shoes of the robber barons and railroad tycoons of the time period..

Prototype-calendar - a prototype and datejs based calendar component

prototype-calendarVersion 0.1.2 (released January 14, 2010). Demo (hosted by GravityMedia) OverviewPrototype Calendar is a light-weight and easy to use calendar plugin. It takes full advantage of the date.js and prototype.js library, resulting in less code, but maintaining a great deal of functionality. Some of it's capabilities: can pick a parseable date value from an input element, a parseable date string or a javascript Date object as referrer (default is the localized date of today) supports

Cuda-convnet - High-performance C++/CUDA implementation of convolutional neural networks

This is a fast C++/CUDA implementation of convolutional (or more generally, feed-forward) neural networks. It can model arbitrary layer connectivity and network depth. Any directed acyclic graph of layers will do. Training is done using the back-propagation algorithm. Fermi-generation GPU (GTX 4xx, GTX 5xx, or Tesla equivalent) required. DocumentationCompiling -- how to check out and compile this code. Data -- what kind of data this net can train on. LayerParams -- how to specify an architecture

Ljedit - c/c++ source code editor

free source code editor use gtk+, gtksourceview & pygtksupport linux & windows support c/c++ plugin & python plugin! support c/c++ language auto-complete, preview ... connect usemail : mailto:louisliangjun@gmail.com update2009-11-07 fix some serious bugs 2009-07-26 problem : need rm /usr/share/puss before install on linux!!!! need rm old files before use new package!!!! because of old plugin(ljcs) already removed use C rebuild c/c++ language tips plugin, and support F12 : show current tag in pre

Debian-bcm47xx - A implement for debian on MIPSEL arch.

This project is to implement Debian environment on BCM4780 or related MIPSEL arch. IntroduceAll of deb files are created by checkinstall or original debian script. The package information and dependency may not be the same to offical release. Another solution to run oleg firmware can be found in http://code.google.com/p/oleg-for-mss-base/ Start DebianInstall bcm47xx_debian_20091218.gz Part1: http://debian-bcm47xx.googlecode.com/files/bcm47xx_debian_20091218.7z.001Part2: http://debian-bcm47xx.goo

Kilvistyle - CNMV - slim3 model viewer -

CNMV - slim3 model viewwer - kilvistyle@gmail.com http://twitter.com/kilvistyle http://d.hatena.ne.jp/kilvistyle/ ■概� slim3�作���GoogleAppengine for Javaプロジェクト用�シンプル�データビューア��。 GAEデフォルト�DataViewerよりも便利�機能を�載�����。 <<主�機能>> ・slim3�Modelクラス�CRUD�作 ・CSVダウンロード&アップロード ・指定��エンティティ�全件削除 既存�slim3�プロジ

Rowboat - Android for Texas Instruments Devices (Sitara, Davinci and Integra)

arowboat.orgEnables Android for Texas Instruments devicesCurrently supported devices are OMAP35x, AM35x, AM37x, DM37x, DM81xx, AM389x, AM1808. The goal of arowboat.org project is to :Provide a stable Google Android base port for AM1808, OMAP35x, AM35x, AM37x, AM389x and DM37x platforms Enable key hardware features (ARM plus NEON, DSP, 2D/3D Accelerated Graphics and others) on Sitara(TM), Davinci(TM) and Integra(TM) devices. Who should get involvedEveryone considering Android beyond handsets with

Drona-kit - PIC18F468x based open-source development platform

The board is still in design process, please feel free to send ideas to ashwin@af-tech.net Drona is a low-cost, PIC18F468x based, open-source development platform which has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of aspiring as well as experienced hobbyists alike, it is the result of over 5000+ hours of microcontroller embedded systems experience. The board has been populated with the most commonly used sensors and peripheral units so that hobbyists spend less time assembling breadboard c

Tcpcopy - an online request replication tool, fit for online testing, stress testing, performance ev

English document Name: tcpcopy It is an online request replication tool and is mainly for testing tasks using netlink and raw socketsDescription: It can help you find bugs in your online project without actually being online. And it can also be used to test the stress that a system could endure. For example, if your system already has "memcached" subsystem and you want to use "membase" to replace it, tcpcopy can assist you to test "membase". While your old memcached system is still running onlin

Brtos - Projeto de RTOS para sistemas embarcados

BRTOS - Brazilian Real-Time Operating System Acrônimo: Basic Real-Time Operating System Please see English version below. Sistema operacional de tempo real para microcontroladores de pequeno porte. Escalonamento: Preemptivo por prioridades. Cada tarefa deverá ser associada a uma prioridade. Número máximo de tarefas instaladas = 32. Recursos de gerenciamento: Semáforos, mutex, caixas de mensagens e filas. O mutex utiliza o protocolo priority ceiling com o intuito de evitar deadlocks e invers

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