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Kink-lang - Kink Programming Language

Kink is a prototype-based functional language on the JVM. The goal of the language is easy and elastic programming with handful number of simple mechanisms. Both the language and the implementation are now under development. There is no official release yet. Kinkã�¯JVM上ã�§å‹•ã��プロトタイプベースã�®é–¢æ•°çš„言語ã�§ã�™ã€‚æ•°å°‘ã�ªã�„å�˜ç´”ã�ªä»•çµ„ã�¿ã�§ã€�ç°¡æ½”ã�‹ã�¤æŸ”軟ã�ªãƒ—ログラミングã�Œã�§ã��ã‚‹ã�“ã�¨ã‚’目指ã�—ã�¦ã�„ã�¾ã�™ã€‚ 言語ã�Šã‚ˆã�³å‡¦ç�†ç³»ã�¨ã‚‚ã�«ç�¾åœ¨é–

Soda-wicket - providing Wicket resources for the World

For now, a patched version of Wicket 1.3.7 that fixes the ConcurentModificationException that can happens in Application.java due to non Thread safety. As you can notice, the bug is still present in the current wicket trunk (look for uses of renderHeadListeners). Exception that this patch fixes: org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Exception in rendering component: [MarkupContainer [Component id = _header_0]] at org.apache.wicket.Component.renderComponent(Component.java:2563) at org.apache.

Rtm-cloud-slalom - Simple approximations for cloudy media - the CLOUD radiative transfer model and t

Radiative Transfer Model CLOUDCLOUD is a radiative transfer model for the simulation of reflection, transmission, and absorption characteristics of terrestrial clouds. It is fast, accurate, and capable of calculating multiple radiative characteristics of cloudy media including the spherical and plane albedo, reflection and transmission functions, absorptance as well as global and diffuse transmittance. The approximations are based on the asymptotic solutions of the radiative transfer equations v

Retroquest - レトロクエスト | RetroQuest

レトロクエスト | RetroQuest opensocial-jquery jqueryを使用��作���ブラウザ�����る 簡��JRPG スクリーンショット プロフィール フィールドマップ 使用ライブラリ opensocial-jquery. jQuery.1.3 jQuery.ui

Jstd-maven-plugin - JsTestDriver Maven Plugin

A Maven plugin that allows you to easily integrate your JsTestDriver test suite into the Maven build process. Updates8/9/2011 Released Repackaged everything into org.googlecode.jstd-maven-plugin:jstd-maven-plugin in order to get this into the central repo. See the GettingStarted wiki page for a full list of the changes. 8/8/2011 Working on getting the dependencies into the central repo - https://issues.sonatype.org/browse/OSSRH-2044 Released - Fixing  issue 8  - now defaulting ba

Wp-mallow - Mallow theme for wordpress

This is my Mallow theme for the Wordpress blogging CMS. http://www.somefoolwitha.com/tag/mallow/ http://www.somefoolwitha.com/mallow_live/ Mallow Readme OK, this is my first theme for WordPress 1.5 (previously 1.3) so please be gentle. Partially engineered from Kubrick, much code and all design by Matthew. Download Mallow | Mallow posts | Mallow Google Code | View the demo site If you need support for Mallow a good place to start is the Wordpress support forums, you can also try the Flickr Binar