1000 bornes

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This project is the adaptation of the famous French card game 1000 bornes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mille_Bornes) There will be 3 types of clients: - Windows Application (WPF) - Internet Application (ASP.NET, Ajax) - Silverlight Application It's developed in C#.




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What the hell?1000 Bornes is an attempt to have a simple, online version of the 1000 Bornes game. The game is coded with PHP/AJAX technologies, and is meant to be hosted by an Apache server. PersonalizationLanguageLanguage can be set, and translations easily done with separate language dirs/files. For that matter, main code is in english, main game is initialy in french+english. ThemesSpecial cards themes are done, and will be choosable just like language: Default theme is made of sample cards o

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