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Type08ScreenCapture brings Windows 8-like desktop capture function to Windows 7. If you type [Windows]+[PrintScreen], it capture a main display area and save the bitmap to your picture folder. It's developed in C#/WPF.




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Hamcrest-text-patterns - An API for writing readable, composable regular expression matchers

A library for writing readable, composable regular expression matchers that integrates cleanly with Hamcrest. FeaturesEasier to read (although more long-winded) than regular expressions Named capture groups: captured text is identified by name, not by the index of the group. Composable: patterns can be easily combined into more complex patterns without worrying about breaking regex syntax or changing group identifiers. Refactoring friendly: patterns can be refactored with your favourite IDE. Par

Yrx - DFA based lexical scanner generator

News09 Sep 2008: New source tarball and Windows pre-compiled executables. Checked with valgrind for memory leak. Tests are still to be fixed! 25 Aug 2008: Back to the NFA approach! Also, now every modifier is greedy. The expressions like ".+z" or "\\d+3" will never succeed as the first term of the expression will eat all the available characters. Current version under SVN supports: Captures (up to 8) Back reference to captures (e.g. "{a+)b\\1" matches aba, aabaa, etc ) Negated expressions that m

Energyathome - Monitor power consumption at home with a Current Cost Device

Author: Danny Tsang <geek94@gmail.com> IntroductionFeaturesHow It WorksCompatibilityInstall Introductionenergy@home is a project created to use the CurrentCost CC128 device. CC128 is the one with the black boarder around the display. I decided to make my own program to learn programming about in Linux. The goal of the project is to capture information from CC128 (and possibly other devices) and display it in a friendly manner. I found other Linux based programs to be complicated or did not do wh

Calvis - Calendar Visualization Library

Sorry that I haven't had the time to maintain this project. There is as Git fork for CalVis http://github.com/NacreData/CalVis3 please continue the effort over there started by nacredata. I will try to check in now and again, thanks :)Calendar Visualization (CalVis) is designed to provide an easy and customizable user interface (UI) to present data from Google Calendar account. CalVis draws data directly from your Google Calendar account via the Google Calendar Data API. It makes use of the Goog


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Initbrain-toolbox - v0.2.2 - NOUVEAU NOM : free-knowledge toolbox !

Annonce : On change de nom ! Suite à un changement et pas des moindres, la initbrain-toolbox devient la free-knowledge toolbox ! Description : Cette boîte à outil qui est un projet en pleine croissance est maintenant encadrée par l'association la communauté "free-knowledge". Free-knowledge, née de la passion commune de Julien Deudon (initbrain) et Geoffrey Robert (mks), a pour but d'encadrer différents projets libres tels que cette toolbox, mais pas seulement car nous avons déjà quelque

Irsensor - Multimedia Sensor Network Simulator

The attempt of this project is to create a network of multimedia sensors which capture data and transmit them to the root sensor. The project is divided into 2 parts : Write three RFC documents to define different protocols Develop a simple prototype of these protocols Marks obtained : none 08/20

Asterisk-sipclf - Implement SIPCLF for Asterisk Log server

OverviewThis program will allow implementation of SIPCLF based on current asterisk log files. Asterisk log files generate SIP information for transactions that are processed by main Asterisk process. Our application will read the SIP message and produce an standardized log file using the following fields according to SIPCLF draft: draft-ietf-sipclf-problem-statement-07 http://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-sipclf-problem-statement/?include_text=1 Each SIPCLF record MUST contain the mandator

Cpcrslib - CPC libraries for z88dk

ASM Libraries for CPC under z88dk (and SDCC) News05/21/2012 cpcwyzlib for SDCC released. 11/28/2010 cpcrslib with horizontal scrolling capabilities is uploaded. From now, there will be 2 official libraries: one for scrolling and one for static screen. Although the scrolling one can be used to for static screens, because it has been improved for scrolling, when static using it is a slower than the "standard" one. Horizontal scroll example included. 11/15/2010 Bug in cpc_WyzPlayer corrected. When

Opencapture - OpenCapture is a document capture system.

OpenCaptureOpenCapture is a java open-source document capture system. Our goal is to provide a capture system that can cross platforms. In the current market all major document capture systems are designed to run on the windows platform. We hope to provide a good alternative. Update 10/14/2008All, we apologize for not getting this information to you sooner. We've decided to not release 0.0.2 as planned. The reason being we don't have any major updates to the code other than small bug fixes. Also