Free Software Foundation Award - 2012

Free Software Foundation (FSF) is a non profit organization works for the development for free software. Every year FSF awards two best open source projects. One award is for for the Advancement of Free Software and the other is for Projects of Social Benefit. IPython and OpenMRS are the two projects which won the awards for the year 2012.

IPython founder Dr. Fernando Perez received the Award for Advancement of Free Software. IPython architecture is designed in a language-agnostic way to facilitate interactive computing in any language. An interactive kernel speaks to clients such as the terminal or web notebook via a well-specified protocol, and all features of a kernel are available to all clients.

OpenMRS received Award for Projects of Social Benefit. OpenMRS is a flexible electronic medical record platform that can be customized to the needs of clinical and research organizations. It supports Creation and maintenance of patient data, including demographics and clinical observations. It is based on the principle that information should be stored in a way which makes it easy to summarize and analyze.



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