Is it good time to switch from MySQL and choose some other database?

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Recently you might have seen many news that big organization like Redhat, Fedora, Wikipedia dumped MySQL and moved to MariaDB. Now Google also going to join them. Why everyone want to move out of MySQL? It is once a popular and stable software. What is the reason behind and what are the possible alternatives.

One possible reason is, MySQL acquired by Sun and later by Oracle. MySQL is free for open source or personnel use but commercial users have to pay. Those who have already bought, now its the time to renew the license and Oracle expecting a high price for that. Those who are in cloud and having 100s of instance of MySQL will burn their fingers. This is one of the reason for Google to move away from MySQL database.

Since, Most of them are planning to dump MySQL, Is it good time to switch?

I would say, don't follow the crowd. It is situation dependent. Many are leaving, but still many are using, Facebook uses MySQL. You need to think, of alternative only if you or your company is not able afford it. If you are running one or two instance, paying some extra dollars may not hurt you. If you are really concerned about the money spent on MySQL license then you need to really think of choosing other alternative. Other than cost, I don't see any issues with MySQL.

Below are some good alternative you could choose.
MariaDB: This is a MySQL fork and developed by MySQL original founder. It is a drop in place replacement of MySQL. You don't need to migrate your database.
PostgreSQL: It is a stable RDBMS and it is gaining popular. You need to migrate your existing database to PostgreSQL. There are some good open source tools available.

Redhat to ditch MySQL
Wikipedia to dump MySQL
Google switch from MySQL
Fedora to replace MySQL
Database Migration tools


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