PrestaShop - A feature rich Open Source eCommerce solution

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PrestaShop is an Open Source eCommerce Solution. It comes complete with over 310 features that have been carefully developed to assist business owners in increasing sales with virtually little effort. It is being used in more than 150,000 online stores.
System Requirements:

  1. System: Unix, Linux or Windows. Unix is highly recommended.
  2. Web server: Apache Web server 1.3 or later.
  3. PHP 5.2 or later. MySQL 5.0 or later.
  4. At least 64 Mb of RAM on your server (128 Mb is more comfy, the more the better).
PrestaShop provides one stop solution to create your online store (front end UI) and manages its back office operation. It helps you to manage your Product Catalogs, Inventories, Order Management, Shipping Management, Payments, Taxes and lot more.

PrestaShop provides support to add / import product information, prices, quantities, discounts and other related information. Invetories and Orders are automatically managed based on the sale. It supports more than 160 payment gateways like DirecPay, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) etc. PrestaShop provides powerful statistical data that allows you to identify customer profiles, track visited pages, categories, and products, orders, sale and lot more.

PrestaShop can be customized to different locale / country. It can easily adopt the tax rules for the respective country. Additional to that it has support for multiple store fronts. You can have affliate for your store.

PrestaShop can be extented or customized using modules. You could find modules from You could also extend and write your own module which will satisfy your needs. They also provide webservice REST API, If you want to develop front end online store in any programming language then you could use their API.

Every business wants to have an online presence, which will help them to trade or transcat faster. Business owners will get more benifit by having an online store. There are lot of advantages, It saves time and cost for both Business owner and consumer. PrestaShop is one among stable open source eCommerce product. Check out the Wikipedia Comparison of shopping cart software page, PrestaShop has almost all the required feature of eCommerce domain.



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