Marketing stratigies required to sell open source product

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Many new products are coming in the open source world. Few are forking existing project, adding new features to it and selling it as open source product. Few strategies required to follow to sell the product better.

Open source business model works differently than regular business model. In this open source business model, the basic product is given as free and the support and other services would be sold. How to sell the product? What are the strategies to be followed? Open source product requires more awareness and it could be created using following ways.

Advertisement: Giving ads in sites which speaks about open source, your product domain and technology will bring immediate attention. This is a bit expensive. If you get some good sponsor then you could do this. This will have immediate impact.

Blogging: You and your fellow developers should blog frequently about your product. Write about introductory, tips about your product. Benchmark your product with other similar products and publish it.

Publish articles: Blogging in your site may be good for your regular visitors but also publish them in other bookmarking sites, magazines and other sites which are related to open source and your product domain.

Social Media: Create an account in social networking sites and get more fans and followers.

Meetup: Conduct regular meetup in your cites and near by cities. You will get a chance to meet the users and get feedback about the product.

Events: Meetups are free but events are paid. Participants will pay for the event and attend to get more information about your product and its related domain and technologies.

Resellers and Consultant: Promote resellers and consultants, You cannot do all job by yourself. You require a team. Give commission to resellers and consultants to spread and create awareness about your product.

Schools and College: Spread the word in schools and college. When they move in to companies, they will insist to use your product. If product management is happy then they will eventually buy the support or enterprise license. This is just like an investment which you could reap it at later stage.

Writing articles and publishing it frequently would help you to bring more users. Always keep in mind, Promote yours but don't ditch others. 50% of users who visit your site remember your product. Among that 25% will download and give a try and if it is good they will spread the word to their fellow developers. Open source product should create more awareness and it spread word of mouth. By the way, we would be happy to promote and publish articles about open source products. Our service is free. If interested contact editor [at] findbestopensource [dot] com.


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