LucidWorks Vs SearchBlox - Enterprise Search Solution

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Enterprise search software should be capable to search the data available in the entire organization or personnel desktop. The data could be in Filesystem, Web or in Database. It should search contents of Emails, file formats like doc, xls, ppt, pdf and lot more. There are many commercial products available but LucidWorks and SearchBlox are best and free. They are NOT open source.

LucidWorks is an Enterprise Search Solution built on Apache Solr/Lucene, a proven open source search technology.

  1. Crawl the Web, Filesystem, Database, Microsoft SharePoint and lot more.
  2. Scalable and provides replication, distributed search and indexing.
  3. LDAP Integration.
  4. Web based Administration
  5. Alerts the User when new search results are available.
  6. Multi lingual support: Document with different languages could be indexed and search.
  7. Integrated Faceted navigation, Auto-suggest, Spellcheck
  8. API support available
SearchBlox is an Enterprise Search Solution built on top of Apache Lucene.
  1. It crawls Filesystems, Web and RSS Feeds, Emails.
  2. Search the intranet to find content from your share drives, repositories, custom applications and rss feeds.
  3. Search box could be added to your website to help your users find information on your website.
  4. Geo location based search, searching for information near an address, zip code or landmark.
  5. Faceted Search
  6. Mobile Search support, search information that is available through the website is also available on mobile devices.
  7. Facebook/Twitter/Widget Integration.
  8. Email alerts on new search results.
  9. In built Analytics
  10. Web based Administration
  11. Could be deployed on the cloud.
  12. Concept Search, specify a concept and documents that describe that concept to be returned as the search results.
  13. API support available
  14. Multi lingual support: Document with different languages could be indexed and search.
Summary: Both are built on top of Lucene, Both are free and Both have equally and comparable features. SearchBlox stands better when compared to LucidWorks. LucidWorks guys are the main contributor for Lucene and Solr and they have better control on search technology.


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