SeoToaster: easy, fast and efficient open source CMS for top SEO performance

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SeoToaster is a free Open Source CMS & Ecommerce solution to build, manage and market websites optimized for for top search engine performance. As the name implies, Seo Toaster is to date the only content management system (CMS) to truly integrate SEO execution and web marketing automation technology in full compliance with the search engines industry’s best practices.

Enriched by loads of templates, plugins and widgets, Seo Toaster ensures a rapid deployment while cutting down development costs. Natively integrating inline edition and optimization, Seo Toaster also reduces support and maintenance costs.

SeoToaster CMS is on the market since 2009, is 100% customizable from back to end, is currently powering several hundreds of successful corporate and e-commerce websites, has always been free of charge, and will stay that way.

The SeoToaster folks define their mission as “helping small & medium businesses improve website’s search engines performance and provide a compelling experience to users, web developers and SEO experts alike.” To achieve this, SeoToaster boasts several strong suits that outperform many proprietary solutions.

SeoToaster integrates vital online marketing features such as one-click cross-channel social media updates, optimized blog & news system, but its core strength and main focus is to optimize automatically all website content and online store items with hundreds of integrated SEO features to provide superior white hat search engine marketing.

SeoToaster’s front-end makes any content easily editable right on the website. No admin, no complicated interface, built-in inline editing capabilities simplifying websites daily content updates and major SEO upgrades. Simply log on to the site to add/modify content in seconds, at will while maintaining vital code integrity thanks to optimized templates with unbreakable W3C-compliant code.

If you’re on a search for a fast website builder, you can tap in SeoToaster’s large collection of optiimized themes and templates that will let you build a fully operational and SEO-ready website framework in minutes. You can then start editing content right away and add plugins, widgets and shortcodes on the fly for a quick and efficient deployment.

Speaking of speed, you will hardly find faster websites than those powered by SeoToaster thanks to native optimization features including media server acceleration (x5), customized pre-loading for large media items, automatic media & links tagging and much more. Last but not the least, SeoToaster can turn into a powerful front-end for the multi-sites SEO & online marketing platform SambaSaaS, a centralized cloud-based interface to deploy networking and web marketing best practices across any number of websites through a single cloud-based interface. Dedicated to help the web developer’s community to leverage all the benefits of open source software, the folks at SeoToaster provide an unfettered access to free web development resources.

SeoToaster CMS v2.2 main features:

  1. User-friendly “browse & edit” inline front-end for easy content edition
  2. Optimized CSS, themes & templates for fast website building
  3. Accelerated media server (x5) for multimedia items
  4. Integrated blog & PR
  5. Hundreds of integrated SEO functions
  6. Optimized mobile website widget (responsive or adaptive)
  7. Instant geo-localization
  8. Fast parallel media server (x5)
  9. 100% flexible UI design
  10. 100% scalable OOP core
  11. Plug & play social widgets
  12. Multi-sites online marketing front-end
SeoToaster is the most advanced SEO & marketing CMS that can be used right out of the box, featuring a uniquely intuitive content management system interface combined with powerful automated marketing.

To start building compelling and efficient websites geared for online marketing that customers and search-engines alike will love, download the latest version of SeoToaster for free:

Developer’s main site:
Free website themes & templates:
GitHub repository:


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