Crowdfunding for Open Source Projects

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Open Source projects requires sponsors to fund their project. Few got good funding but few others are struggling to continue their project. A contributor, who does full time work in open source project requires funding to take care his needs. He has to be paid and he cannot do it for free. For those who don't get fund, check out this crowdfunding sites, these are exclusively for open source projects. Join these, get some fund and continue your dream.

Open Source Crowdfunding:
Crowdfunding means collect money from bunch of people and complete the event or work. Whoever you going to collect, they should understand the details of the project, so that they could contribute. These Crowdfunding sites listed here brings developers and sponsers in a common platform and makes funding easier. If your project is unique, you will certainly get it.

BountySource BountySource:
BountySource is the funding platform for open-source software. Here fundraisers could raise money for their project and also they could create a bounty for specific feature or bug fixed. Developers who are fixing the bug or solving their issue will receive the bounty. It works both ways. You could fix minor issues in multiple OSS project and receive the bounty or you could launch a project and get fund for the same.

freedom sponser FreedomSponsors:
FreedomSponsors is a platform for supporting free/libre software projects through microcrowdfunding – that is, crowdfunding individual open source project’s issues. The issue crowdfunding system is similar to JIRA’s voting system, but the votes come with a money offer attached. Anyone can go and place a bounty on an specific issue they need. If more people also need it solved they can chip in and the bounties will add up. Developers then can resolve the issues and claim their prizes – the sponsors are notified and pay the developers once the solution is verified.

Catincan Catincan:
Catincan is a crowdfunding platform to help existing open source software projects thrive. Catincan breaks down the wall between developers, users and funding to help open source project developers gain the funding necessary to continue making great software for users. It empowers users by making it easy for them to fund development of their favorite proposed features. And considering open source projects are created by developers to solve a problem for themselves or others, users know the developer is committed. Backers may suggest features but open source project developers maintain complete control over what features are proposed for crowdfunding.

Gunio - pronounced 'Gun-yo' - is a place where independent and open source developers can hire each other. It provides a place where developers can find other devs to help work on their projects and find gigs to work on when they need cash. If you have some unfinished project, but don't have the time? Post an Open Source gig and find another hacker to finish it for you, Or check out all the Open Source listings and get paid to work on open source software.

bountyoss BountyOSS:
BountyOSS is a crowdfunding site for Open Source Software projects. Unlike other sites, it is designed to attract contributions from businesses as well as individuals. A developer associated with an Open Source project posts a proposal for an improvement to that project. It could be new feature to be implemented, or some bugs to be fixed. Users of this project who would benefit from the proposed improvement may choose to pledge, or offer, some amount of money toward the work, the total pledged is called the bounty.

Snowdrift Snowdrift:
Snowdrift creates a marketplace for independent free/libre/open projects. They propose a new kind of patronage system based on ongoing community-wide matching of small donations. The aim is to involve as many people as possible, agreeing together to support the most deserving projects and hold them to the highest standards. The work is in progress.

The crowdfunding for open source projects is in nascent stage. Lets participate and make it bigger. If you get a sponsor, please send some gifts, T-shirts, Goodies etc and motivate them.


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