– The First Multithreaded Application Server for PHP written in PHP

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What if you could reliably run PHP without Nginx or Apache, but also without relying on its internal server? What if you could do async operations in PHP with true multi threading, fully taking advantage of multi core processors without hacks or a jungle of callbacks? What if you had drag and drop installation support for your PHAR packaged web apps in an environment identical to its production counterpart? Welcome to – the worlds first open source application server for PHP written in PHP. is a multithreaded application server for php written in php. Their technology allows real multi-threading in PHP and different useful services for developers enabling more efficiency and security.

Why do we need it?
PHP does not support multi-threading leading to serious performance lacks and scalability issues. But with market shares of about 80% PHP is the leading development language for web applications waiting for multi-threading. And the community is waiting as well: I guess this will become a very important project.

Who is it for?
The appserver technology can be used for all kinds of PHP based web application, giving you more speed, real scalability and security. They also have plan to provide integrations for different existing applications like Magento and TYPO3.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?
It is the first real application server technology for PHP, written in PHP. Which means that you do not need any skills in other coding languages. It supports real multithreading for PHP and it is open source!

Multithreading is a very important thing for the appserver and the future of PHP. Special Thanks to Joe Watkins who started the pthreads extension for PHP some years ago. Through pthreads they are able to handle every user-request coming from browsers to the servlet container (webserver) at the same time asynchronously. Imagine request-handling without being able to do this in threads. Every user would block the other users request as long as PHP processes it and serves the response. As many of you will now say Ok, why aren't you using event based loops like done with react-php? The main advantage of using threads in your application is that all cpu cores will be used instead of just one core running at full load. The other big plus is that your code will stay clean and debugabble without having a callback massacre.

Installing applications on is as easy as you can imagine – simply drag & drop:

The performance of is outstanding: Benchmarking with nginx shows that is about 50% faster than nginx (based on a standard Magento installation) with no additional tweaks.

What’s next? should be the new standard for PHP based web development with a world wide community supporting this technology and ideas. In the moment is in beta stadium, but a final release is planned by the mid of 2014.


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